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Warranty Policy
Consumer's rights in Moldova are set out with the law No.105-XV published in the Official Gazette on 27th of June 2003. This page contains important information about services and warranty. All IT Equipments purchased from authorized partners benefit of manufacturers' warranties and only in direct cooperation with them if there are not specified other conditions. Instructions are required to be read and observed before installing and using the product.

Electronics are made up of electronic and mechanical components requiring compliance with the conditions of handling, transportation, storage, operation, connection, maintenance and repair provided into the User's Guide. Other products as light bulbs, cables, ink, paper, pouches, protective films, software, accessories do not cover warranty. The products purchased by Individuals and Legal Entities benefit of warranty between 6-36 months from the date of purchase in accordance with the warranty provided by each manufacturer in our country, its criteria, trade policies and conditions as well the legislation of Republic of Moldova. Also, warranty does not cover the capacity of the battery, but only the material defects.
When you send a product to the Service Center to repair or diagnose, please make copies of the information held on it. Customer is exclusively responsible for ensuring compliance with software and the personal information that belongs to him. Therefore we ask it must be saved before the product is brought to Technical Assistance. Thus, when buying products on our website two types of warranties are issued: manufacturer’s and trader’s warranty. Warranty issued by us refers only to those manufacturers who do not hold an official service center in Moldova and their warranty is covered through their dealers' Service Center.

The second type is manufacturer’s warranty certificate. This is into the original packaging of the product and is filled up only with customer’s personal data. This certificate is stamped and given to customer to be kept with the original packaging. For both types of warranties, we remind you must keep the original product packaging, except bulk ones, not to damage the serial number of the item and use it according to manufacturer's instructions.

Trader's Warranty Certificate
Warranty certificate issued by us should be brought to our office in order to facilitate the access to your service if a product’s functionality fails. First of all, complete the online Service Request Form on our website. After making sure that it was properly filled in with the serial number of the specific item, Invoice number and the detailed description of the problem, please submit it. We will contact you as soon as possible to inform when you can bring the product to our office. Customer will present us the product in its original packaging including all accessories (drivers, cables, manuals, etc) as well as warranty certificate, invoice and fiscal receipt. Technicians will test the indicated problem and if this is not the reason of product failure or customer didn’t properly grasp the problem then the item will be returned to him.
Test period and product repair is carried out within 14 working days if the Service Center has the necessary replacing components. If your replacing component is not available at the moment then it may take up to 60 days. Once the defective product reaches the Service Center, the described problem will be tested by experts from the Technical Department. If the defect is confirmed then we will let you know whether the product is repaired or replaced by a new one.

Manufacturer's Warranty Certificate
Manufacturer’s warranty is covered directly by its official service center not by suppliers. Therefore it is very important to keep manufacturer's warranty certificate that we release with your fiscal receipt or Invoice. This certificate is valid only with the stamp of our company. Here is indicated the address of manufacturer's Authorized Service Center where you have to bring the defective product and they will take full responsibility of solving product failure. If the item that you personally presented has been confirmed as defective or unable to be repaired, you will be given a document that confirms service abovementioned approval and enables the replacement of the unrepaired product with a new one.
Show us this document and we replace it. If you want to order other items instead the return you got back, you can do it on the condition that the new amount isn’t smaller than the previous one. If the amount is bigger then you pay only the price difference compared to the previous product.

Post Warranty Maintenace
A Post-Warranty Service can be extended through an Authorized Service Center. You can bring the defective product to our office and we can repair it. The item is shipped to a Service Center and after being repaired we'll return it to you. The cost of diagnostic and repair services are determined by the degree of difficulty of the task. The replaced component will receive a new waranty which runs from the date of replacement.

Warranty is not covered in the following situations:
1. Damage and defects due to an improper transportation by customer. Products must be shipped upright.

2. Warranty doesn’t cover scratches, creases, rifts of removable or unremovable elements that have not been notified to Seller at the time of purchase.
3. Use of products under another regime than the one specified in the User's Guide: dusty conditions, excessive heat, flooding, inadequate ventilation, power surges, radiation, mechanical shocks, moisture, chemicals, corrosion.

4. Breaking the seal of electronic cases or interventions made by an unauthorized person.
5. Failure due to electrical voltage (inadequate power supply, incorrect Voltage Readings, vibration, shots or other forms of physical abuse, use of accessories others than those indicated by manufacturer).
6. Changing the original condition of the product (adjustments) and keep it in unsuitable conditions.
7. Improper installation of batteries and chargers using different power supplies and accessories that are not recommended by manufacturer.

8. Wrong setting of products, malfunction of the operating system and configuration files.
9. Use of other programs than the original drivers, incompatibilities such as software or hardware that may occur due to third parties.
10. Warranty is not covered if the serial number has been altered, removed from the device or made illegible.
11. Burned or damaged materials because of customer's fault.