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Terms and Conditions
Our website is owned and operated by ITUNEXX PURE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. This platform is a online store as well as a free informative web page for users. Itunexx.md does not require any subscription or registration except when customer wants to place a online order. However, if user wishes to receive notifications about our products and promotions then it must be subscribed without any payment.

Terms of Purchase
Orders can be placed only online to ensure the correct items and customer's data for order fulfillment and waranty. Itunexx.md pays great atention to the essential specifications of products through technical descriptions received from our suppliers. The images of our website have only an informative character and are identical to the original products, the only exception are those whose manufacturers do not have any website, all this being done within the possible standarts. Also itunexx.md is not responsible for the information that customer viewed on other websites and for any possible consequences.

Seller's Obligations
The descriptions of itunexx.md have an informative character and can be modified by Seller. They can be short because of the limited space but Seller strives to provide the most relevant details about products in order to be used within the parameters which they were purchased for. Communication with our online shop can be done interacting with it, namely by reviews about products or just joining us on our facebook page / PURE-STORE. The opinions, emails or usernames that contain inappropriate language or insults will be excluded, blocked or ignored. Seller has the right to manage the information he has received without any justification. In case of high traffic website, we ask our customers to send their orders by email entering the required codes of the products and their contact data. We’ll fulfill orders only for the available stocks. Also we’ll supply customers quality products, sealed or bulk, accompanied by the complete technical documentation: waranty, certificate of conformity as well as invoice and fiscal receipt.

Customer's Obligations
-When registering on our website to ensure the authenticity of his personal data in order to receive his products and manufacturer's warranty. Otherwise, we reserve the right to reject customer’s order as well as the warranty without a prior justification.
-Customer who has previously placed an order on our website and never picked up it, hasn't answered our phone calls and hasn't announced about his refusal before order has been released from the warehouse then we have the right to block customer's account and reject any orders coming from him.
-Keep the equipment running and use it according to manufacturer's instructions.

-Inform us about defective products.
-Take responsibility of packaging and avoiding damages during shipping, otherwise we can not be guilty for any costs arising from them. Please keep the original packaging for the transportation because it is the best protection for product integrity.
-Beneficiary is responsible for creating recovery discs according to manufacturer's instructions.
-Verify the status and the functionality of the product immediately. We do not accept returns with missing accessories or for reasons that are not included in the terms and conditions of our website.
In case of violation of these obligations, itunexx.md refuses warranty services. Our users also are prohibited to reproduce, distribute and public information provided by itunexx.md without our consent. Any kind of information provided by Seller to Buyer shall remain into Seller’s property. This information may be used only for fulfilling orders and warranty cards and may be made public only with Seller’s consent and after a confidential agreement with him.

Price Policy
-Prices include VAT.
-Shipping fees are paid to Courier when receiving Purchase Invoices.
-Our prices in Moldovan Lei depend on the exchange rate of USD.
-Payment operations for Legal Entities are done by bank transfer and for Individuals by POS terminal and Cash.
-In case of non-payment on time, the price paid is considered the amount settled on the day of transaction.

Stock Availability
The availability of each item is indicated by a particular color. This information refers only to the stocks of our suppliers' warehouses. All products displayed on the website have just an informative character. The radio-electronics are accompanied by certificates of conformity issued by our suppliers with Purchase Invoices. Thus, depending on the availability, the stocks are indicated with the following colors: red (1-2 units)
, orange (10-20 units), green (21-100 units).

Resealed Products
These are products whose packaging has been opened. The resealed products are functional but may have small aesthetic problems such as traces of touch or use. This kind of items have always published an indicator beside the internal code of product in order to notify customer about its condition. Because these products have been resealed, there may not contain all original accessories like CD-drivers or parts of the original packaging but chargers and batteries are always present. Because of the substantial discounts compared to similar sealed products, the warranty does not cover the same period as for the new ones. The conditions of use, handling and transportation are the same both for the resealed products as for the sealed ones.

Risks and Responsibilities
Seller undertakes the responsibility to deliver orders to his customers by door-to-door system. Seller ensures a proper packaging of goods and services (warranty, certificate of conformity, invoice, fiscal receipt) including the Delivery Receipt Form that you sign when receiving the requested products. If our buyer discovers that the delivered product does not have the technical specifications he ordered or it has a primary defect then call us or send an email in order to remedy this inconvenience as soon as possible. Seller can not be responsible for damages of any kind that buyer or any third party may suffer as a result of the fulfillment of Seller’s obligations.

Transfer of Property
The property of Goods and Services will be transferred to customer when he receives his order. Courier is authorized to open our package for checking the integrity of products, but is not authorized to allow customer breaking manufacturer's packaging or unseal it. Unpacking of goods is allowed only after customer's payment and after signing the Delivery Receipt Form.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Buyer understands intellectual property rights and will not disclose to third parties or make public (internet or media) the information received from Seller. ITUNEXX PURE TECHNOLOGY Ltd is the owner of itunexx.md  and of all its contents: graphic design, logos, images, texts and other elements that can not be transferred, copied or used without our written permission. Also our company is the official distributor in Republic of Moldova of Focus Mutimedia software and licensed games of Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA Games, Konami.

Force Majeure
Force majeure means limited situations, delays which occur due to floods, fires, strikes, or any other reasons which are similar to those already mentioned and which are outside the control of parties. If such events occur then the affected party shall notify the other about the severity of the situation in order to be taken decisions for mitigating the negative effects of such circumstances as soon as possible. Neither party shall be liable for any consequential or economic loss if such default is due to an event of force majeure.