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Creating an account on our website you can have lots of benefits:

-Acces your order status and history anytime
-Receiving volume discounts
-Reducing Order Processing Time
-Create wishlists while you shop online
-Stay always updated with the latest news, product launches, upcoming promotions and personalized offers
-Rate products you have recently bought from
Leave us comments in order to maintain a high level of satisfaction about our services
-Enjoy a convenient, fast and efficient Web search
-Over 15,000 items in stock ready for immediate shipment
-Filter which attempts to sort and compare products based on price, features, and other criteria
-Storing multiple Delivery Addresses (home, office)
-Printing and archiving electronic invoices directly from/into your account
-Booking system for products
-Fast Delivery
-Recommendations and positive shopping experiences with our website


Order History
Order history is a detailed information about the status of customer's orders to which he has access only after having logged on the site. So, in the history, User can view the full list of his previous orders as well as the active one.  Each work step of the order is activated in real-time and is accompanied by a status, such as: confirmed, waiting, canceled, returned, delivered or paid. A User and the administrator can have accces to customer's information simultaneously. Besides this, administrator has also access to change information about delivery or the form of payment, add, delete products and quantity or change the sale price.