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General information about Invoices and our accepted Payments
We accept three types of payments: Cash, Electronic and Bank transfer. Cash payments are accepted only for Individuals from Republic of Moldova, in Moldovan lei (MDL), at our office and customer’s Shipping Address while receiving orders. You should remember that orders will be delivered as long as the products are available. Prices, payment method and delivery period are specified while ordering as both Legal Entities and Individuals.
Seller will issue to Purchaser an Invoice for the delivered goods and customer is obliged to provide all necessary information for Billing Services and Warranty. For foreign customers the product value is expressed in US Dollar or Euro and their purchases can be paid only by online payments. In case of Delivery with courier services, payment will be done to the agent and the given amount must be exact.

Electronic Invoices
The electronic Invoice is issued by us only after you have placed a online order. It is sent to customer's email when purchase is completed correctly. For Legal Entities, the Electronic Invoice is not valid until it is stamped by our company in order to carry out a bank transfer for goods which customer has requested. The stamped Invoice is sent on behalf of the buyer company. Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) must be complete, including VAT number as well as other details necessary for Billing.

Bank Transfer Payment
Bank transfer payments are accepted only for Legal Entities. A payment by Bank transfer is done upon the original Invoice issued by ITUNEXX PURE TECHNOLOGY Ltd. and only after it has been stamped and the order was confirmed by a Sales Consultant. Our Invoice is valid 24 hours since it was sent to customer by fax / email because of the stock and the Currency Exchange Rate.

Credit Card terminal
Accepted payment cards are those issued under VISA (Classic) and MasterCard (including Maestro). If the card is associated with an account in a currency other than Moldovan Lei, transactions are carried out in Lei, at the exchange rate of the bank issuing the card. Card data processing is done exclusively through 
Moldindconbank https://www.micb.md/.  Our website does not request or store any of your card details. Also, customers can pay their orders by POS terminal into our office or when receiving delivery.

Cash on Delivery (COD)
We accept Cash payments into our office or at the time of Delivery with courier services.