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Create an account
In order to create a user account on  you have to complete a registration form. Your email address will be used to identify your account and it is important to specify an address that you use often in such a way that you'll be aware of all the information on real-time. Creating an account on our website requires following some steps.
Step 1: Select "Register" and then click customer category you want to create an account for: Legal entity or Individual. Fill out the fields with your name, surname (or company name), email address and choose a password for the new account. Shortly after you register a message is sent to your e-mail address to confirm that your registration has been completed successfully.
Step 2: Once your registration is considered successful, you can proceed to the online purchase.
Step 3: If you're already registered but you do not want to place an order at the same time, then you can come back another time, log in  and your order will be processed only after you have followed the instructions correctly.
Step 4: For active customers who shop online more frequently, storing authentication is an option that offers the advantage of avoiding repeated and double registrations, forgetting passwords or usernames.