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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I modify my order?
Modifying order for Individuals is possible only with customer’s consent before order has been sent for delivery. Email us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your invoice number, product code and the quantity you want to add. We will call you to confirm the change. Legal Entities can ask a modification by requesting a new Proforma invoice.

How to redo an incorrect Invoice?
If the order is completed, change billing involves reversing the initial invoice issuing a new one. Invoicing can be done only within the same month. To request a re-invoicing, please email the number of your wrong invoice and the correct billing information.

I have received a defective product. How do I proceed?
If the product you purchased from us has a manufacturing defect then please call us immediately. Because products are sealed at delivery we can not ascertain a possible defect in advance. Therefore we insist that products delivered to our office to be checked in the presence of our customer.

How long can I reserve a product?
Products can be reserved only for a period of 3 days. If they aren't paid then they will be removed from the reserve and it’s possible that prices may be modified or items become out of stock.

How do I know if the product has been repaired?
If your product has been repaired you will receive an email notification or a phone call  in order to pick up the item. If it has been repaired at manufacturer's Authorized Service Center then they are responsible to inform you about the status of your service.

I received a refund. Can I use this money for a new order?
Yes, the money coming from a refund can be used to pay another product on the condition that you register a new order and pay the price difference.

Can I return a resealed product?
Yes. These products have the same conditions of return as the new ones.

How do I cancel an active order?
An active order for both Individuals and Legal Entities may be canceled by email before order has been sent for delivery. Otherwise, customer will pay the shipping costs.

I lost the warranty certificate. How do I recover it?
If you lost the warranty, the electronic invoice is the confirmation of your purchase on our website. Every user can access his invoices into his Order History. You must print the invoice from your account and bring the product in its original packaging to continue extending the warranty.

I received a different product than that I ordered. What should I do?
If you have received another product at delivery than the ordered one, please let us know to remedy any confusion as quickly as possible. We will deliver the ordered product in the shortest time and the delivery fee will be paid by us.

Opening my package at the place of delivery. Is it possible?
When receiving your package, the courier allows checking the status of products and only after that you will pay your order. Once you open the package and you see any unsightly signs such as scratches or signs of impact, we recommend you to reject the order. If you paid it by bank transfer and after opening the package you acertain that the product has a defect then the refund will be done to your account as soon as we confirm the problem.