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Collecting and processing Personal Data
This security policy aims to ensure security, safety and personal data protection in accordance with Moldovan legislation, the Law No. 133 of 8 of July 2011 published into the Official Gazette of the Republic of Moldova no.170-175. Personal data is information that can be used to identify or to contact a certain person in a unique way. Consumer's personal data registered on our website is processed only with his consent. At the same time, the User has the right to access, to rectify or to delete it from itunexx.md. So, we use the collected personal data for following purposes:
-Provide Delivery for goods you purchased through our website;
-Billing Services;
-Online Payments;
-Transaction Security applying antifraud filters;
-Filling out Warranty Cards;
-Your registration as member of ITUNEXX Loyalty Program;
-Keep you updated with the latest product releases and promotions;
-Improve Services and Support;
-Send important notifications about your purchases and Terms and Conditions of Use;

The personal information provided by user into the registration form is:
-Email address (registration, login, ordering and confirmation);
-Name, Surname (Individuals) and Company Name (Legal Entities);
-Shipping address (both for Individuals and Legal Entities);
-Phone and fax number (Contact Customer);

When completing and submitting the registration form, customer explicitly expresses he has consented us to collect his personal data and having read Terms and Conditions of our website. The refusal of data processing or intentionally providing incomplete and false information give us the right to reject any service to these persons. Personal data will not be disclosed to third parties for purposes that are not allowed by law or without your explicit consent. Personal data may be disclosed to third parties when is necessary to process an order (e.g.: personal data is disclosed to the bank where our company has accounts for receiving its electronic payments). Personal data may be disclosed without your consent to institutions authorized by law only in case of fraud incidents. Your personal data will be protected and archived in accordance with the legislation of Republic of Moldova.

Your Rights
When registering on our website you are redirected to read the Terms and Conditions of itunexx.md and the type of personal information that our company openly colects from you. We will indicate which data is obligatory (*) and which is optional. You will also have access to your account to review, modify or delete personal data. If the information provided by customer is irrelevant for the purpose it was proccessed for, or if customer uses pejorative words for his email or username then our company has the right to delete and block processing personal information as well selling to this user. Any other suggestions or recommendations are welcome and should be sent to our administrator at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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